This program will be ONLINE for the first time Spring 2018!
Begins March 19, 2018
Details & Registration


Throughout time, the transition into Spring has been regarded as a powerful time to cleanse and regenerate your body and mind. Join the Colorado School of Yoga for an effective and accessible approach to cleansing, guided by Maharishi Ayurveda Practitioner Julia Clarke, using the principles of Ayurveda, the world’s most ancient tradition of self-care. Discover the refreshing simplicity of cultivating your optimal health through Ayurveda, and reawaken your body’s natural ability to heal and experience true vitality. In a supportive group setting, we will reset our digestion and reeducate our minds on how to eat healthily by participating in a guided detox using a whole foods diet, safe and effective Ayurvedic cleansing rituals, harmonizing our daily routine with nature, and incorporating yoga and and meditation. This program mirrors the three phases of a traditional Ayurvedic detox with tasty and easy recipes provided for each week:

Eliminate heavy and toxic foods from your diet and stoke your digestive fire to begin the process of dissolving toxins!

Use the traditional 3 day Kitchari Diet to encourage your system to burn fat not sugar.

Enjoy the nourishing and wholesome Ayurvedic recipes to restore your gut health and increase your energy, and learn about the six tastes, herbal recommendations and the doshas.


Improve Nutrient Absorption
Optimize Metabolism
Mental Clarity
Increase Energy
Sleep Better
Wake Up Happy!
Investment: $149
Deadline for registration is Tuesday, March 13th

Program includes:

7 Ayurveda videos with teachings and guidance for each cleanse phase
Online, cleanse-friendly yoga practices
3 guided meditations with CSOY teachers on InsightTimer
Weekly email with guidance, Ayurvedic education, meal plan and log
4 live video calls with Julia and your cleanse teammates (will be recorded)
Cleanse-friendly recipe booklet
Private Facebook group for support, accountability, sharing tips, ideas and additional recipes
Does not include:

Banyan Botanicals Ayurveda Cleanse Kit (includes cleanse supplies)
Tongue scraper (to remove toxins)
InsightTimer App (optional if you prefer to meditate with phone)